Where and how you live has a lot to do with your job and money. After all, if money were no issue, you'd likely have a far different list of priorities when it came time to buy a house. But since most of us have to stick to a budget, we choose what type of house to look for and in which neighborhood based on our financial situation. That's why it's not surprising that a recent report on where millennials want to move found that the most popular areas for younger home buyers are those that offer good jobs and affordable homes. Naturally, these aren't just priorities for millennials, as older buyers also want to live somewhere close to work that won't break the bank. But because younger home shoppers are at the beginning of their careers and are often first-time home buyers, who have to come up with a down payment from scratch, this is especially true. That's why the list of most popular areas for millennial buyers is made up of metro areas that have lower rates of unemployment, higher wages, and more homes in entry-level price ranges. More here.
How Mellenials Make Home Choices